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Rugs with Flair are market leaders in the distribution and design of quality rugs, and they offer a diverse collection of rugs for every price range. They aim to respond to market trends and provide customers with the latest fresh and innovative designs.

Rugs with Flair UK offer rugs in a variety of styles from traditional through to modern and cutting edge concept designs. Over the years the company has won a variety of awards and acclaim, including Best Rug Supplier and Best Global Rug. As well as offering an extensive collection of products, they also supply accessories including stain remover, anti slips and rug clips.

Rugs with Flair was founded in 1984 and is a family run business based in Denton, Manchester. Since the inception of the company 27 years ago the business has grown from strength to strength and presently has multiple warehouses and a distribution office in India.

Today the Rugs with Flair collection sells an average of six rugs every minute, illustrating just how popular these products really are. The company has several branches, including mail order, website business and trade accounts.

Rugs with Flair are proud of their Manchester heritage and strong tradition of excellent customer service. They have received a number of accolades including Best Rug Supplier for six out of the last 10 years.

Rugs with Flair offer a range of collections to suit the needs of different markets.

-The Budget collection offers low price and quality, ideal for those who want to revamp a room on a limited budget, or for student accommodation.

- The Kiddy collection provides a variety of theme rugs, all of which are designed to be soft to the touch and 100% child friendly. There are some great designs to choose from and they can add the perfect finishing touch to any child's bedroom or playroom.

- The Modern collection offers contemporary designs in a variety of materials. With retro hard-wearing rugs as part of this range, these rugs are ideally suited for teenagers.

- The Plain collection provides rugs in single block colours. With every colour imaginable to choose from, and a full range of materials from high pile wool to polyester, you'll see that plain doesn't have to mean boring.

- The Shaggy collection is one of the most popular ranges. With sumptuous deep pile wool in a variety of shades, these rugs can make any room feel homely, and great underfoot.

- The Shape collection breaks with convention and creates rugs that are perfect for modern living in fresh and distinctive shapes.

- The Textured collection brings depth and sensuality to any room, with hard-carved three dimensional designs that create a real talking point.

- The Traditional collection offers a range of high quality authentic designs that have stood the test of time. The elegant rich colours will bring a classy feel to your home.

Rugs with Flair offers unbridled variety, with a collection to suit every budget and designs for every taste. With 27 years of experience they know how to make quality rugs, and are continually striving to improve their range and develop new designs.

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