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Nothing can transform an interior in quite the same way as carpets can. They express your individuality and add character, warmth and luxury to a room.

Louis de Poortere carpets and rugs can help you achieve this better than any other brand. Their reputation as a manufacturer of the most exquisite woven fabrics and flooring solutions is second to none. Established over a century ago, they draw their expertise from a long-established tradition of carpet-making going back to Flemish weavers in the Middle Ages, while embracing modern times in their designs.

The Group ensures the unfailing quality of their articles through the ownership of the whole manufacturing process, from doing their own spinning, to dying and weaving. They produce authentic Wilton carpets, made of 100% pure new wool, using only 2-ply and 3-ply yarns to guarantee their durability, and woven to the highest standards. Louis de Poortere are also committed to a sustainable production chain and everything that leaves their factories is 100% biodegrable and renewable.

There are many advantages to Louis de Poortere carpets. They act like a thermal insulator, and pure new wool springs back from shoe and furniture pressure better than other materials, looking opulent and luxurious longer. They are also relatively low-maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

In addition, wool is a safe material. It is naturally flame retardant, due to its high moisture content, making it especially suitable for family homes, unlike synthetic fibre carpet which can burst into flames and be consumed at alarming speed. Wool is also a healthy material. It traps dusts until it is vacuumed, and rooms carpeted with wool products have a better air quality, which can help allergy sufferers.

Louis de Poortere rugs are plentiful to suit all tastes and requirements. The Decromatic collection offers several ranges of textured rug in a palette of 20 vibrant, rich colours, to transform any room into an unforgettable and stylish space. Woven in a combination of cotton and polyester chenille, these rugs have real flair and are manufactured following a method that helps them retain their 'brand new' look longer. They also come with the added benefit of invisible anti-slip backing to make them safe for you and your family.

The New Vintage collection replaces its highly successful predecessor, Vintage, with some fabulous new designs. A newcomer to be especially noted, the "Young Urbanite" range - a brand new collection with bold designs combining bright hues and timeless oriental inspiration.

Louis de Poortere carpets are manufactured to the same high standard and woven from pure New Zealand wool on Wilton looms. They offer extraordinary comfort and durability, and the Group have developed an extensive range of products, from their beautiful, hard-wearing stair runners to their carpets for any other room. They also offer a custom service, cutting carpets to any required size, with sumptuous border finishes to prevent fraying.

For beautiful carpets and rugs that you can enjoy for years to come, you can trust the quality and values of Louis de Poortere right here at