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Arte Espina is a new, yet already very successful business based in The Netherlands with customers worldwide, and whose name is synonymous with innovative, contemporary design. They specialise in creating and manufacturing a wide range of rugs which will give your interior flair and stylish sophistication.

Arte Espina rugs are not only sumptuous, but they are also produced to the highest standards. The use of the contour cut, as you can on rugs in our Digital Line collection, gives patterns fluidity, and the fast-spun acrylic thread they are made with is extremely durable yet soft to the touch. Each rug is 100% hand-tufted with 'Espirelle' acrylic, an extremely hard-wearing material with the feel of wool, which is also low maintenance and stain resistant. They are also ethically produced, environmentally friendly and they conform to pollution legislation.

The Popular Collection is a combination of trendy patterns with an unapologetic retro penchant. For a nostalgic trip back to the 60s and 70s in vibrant colours, this is your ideal choice. Your home will look positively psychedelic with a rug from the aptly named Showtime range or from the Pop Art range.

Slightly more formal than other Arte Espina rugs, the Specials Collection comes in a range of neutral tones for an added touch of simple elegance which will blend effortlessly into any interior, with the exception of the Royal and Cocoon ranges which offer a rich burgundy hue, and the 'ethnic' style of the Intarsia range.

Bold, organic forms and timeless designs, the Contemporary Collection is inspired by nature and imparts refinement and a cosy ambiance to any room. With an array of colours, sizes and designs available, this collection has something for everybody. For fun lovers, the 'natural skin' range displays safari-themed rugs, imitating the coats of wild animals such as zebras and leopards.

If you like an extra luxurious feeling under your feet, then the Arte Espina 'Beat' shaggy rug is for you, a 4-inch-thick pile for the ultimate comfort in a range of fashionable colours, while the young at heart will be delighted by the Young Collection and its energetic, lively, funky rugs. Flower power, twirls, vibrant stripes and splashes of colours; this range has it all.

The Graphical Collection rugs with their dynamic lines could almost be pieces of art in themselves. Inspired by contemporary designers and themes, unique in their composition, they will give your home an edge and will make it unique.

But there is no reason why only adults should have all the fun. We offer a wide range of themed rugs: pirates, mermaids, cars, fairytale characters, favourite toys, etc... Boys and girls will love them and may never want to leave their rooms again!

Whether you want to make a statement or complement your room discreetly, whether you are playful, sophisticated or avant-garde, or all of the above, Arte Espina rugs offer a wealth of choices to suit every need and taste. Not only that, but as they are produced to the highest standards you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your rugs for years to come.

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