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Wool rugs have given warmth and colour to homes for centuries, and references to the art of weaving are mentioned in ancient writing, thousands of years old. While the original rugs were made from animal skins and used for sleeping on and as shelter against the cold, there is evidence of weaving at least 4000 years ago. Over the centuries weaving techniques evolved to produce some truly intricate designs, originally woven by hand, until production moved away from traditional techniques to the modern methods we know today.

However, even with all the modern production equipment available, there is still a demand for hand-made wool rugs, which are often considered to be a work of art, rather than just another part of the home decor. They are a durable, healthy alternative to synthetic and modern rugs, and a valuable addition to any property, whether in a large or smaller size.

The rugs have a practical and decorative use in a home, making them both functional and beautiful. From a practical point of view, wool rugs have a number of advantages over other types of rugs:

- Insulation: a wool rug reduces heat loss in a room keeping it warmer.

- Toxin-free: wool is a healthy furnishing option as it does not give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), normally found in synthetic fibres.

- Non-allergenic: wool does not promote dust mites or the growth of bacteria, and keeps dust and pollen out of the air by trapping it.

- Durable: wool rugs are long-lasting and will return to their natural shape, even after being stretched.

- Easy to clean: wool is more stain resistant than other fibres due to a natural wax coating, making it easier to clean without using harsh chemicals.

- Fire-retardant: wool is naturally fire-retardant due to a higher moisture and protein level, and it produces less smoke and toxic fumes than synthetic rugs.

- Environmentally friendly: wool is naturally produced by sheep and is biodegradable at the end of its life-cycle.

From a decorative point of view rugs, especially large wool rugs, can be the main feature in a room depending on its size and colour. Smaller properties can also use large wool rugs to their advantage, as the space left around the edges gives the impression the room is slightly larger than it really is.

Houses without colour are soulless, and a gorgeous colourful in the entrance hallway, or in the centre of a room can make the difference between a cold, uninviting property, and a warm and welcoming one. The large choice of styles and colours of wool rugs make them a versatile and stylish addition to any home.

Wool rugs are easily interchangeable, so homeowners can vary the rugs when they change colour scheme according to the different seasons throughout the year. It is a quick and inexpensive way to completely change the focus of a room without having to redecorate.

Homeowners can choose from the best selection of wool rugs UK suppliers have to offer, and quickly convert their plain living space, into a stylish and inviting home.