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Mention the idea of washable rugs to most and the likely first thought will be one of rather dull, lifeless and generally uninspiring rugs designed more with function in mind than form. Understandable of course given the way in which heavy-duty washable rugs are often used for areas of extreme punishment, such as a kitchen or a child's bedroom.

However, times have moved forward to say the least and the modern ranges being showcased today share little to nothing in common with those of years gone by, making washable rugs a real choice as an alternative to the traditional.

The question therefore is why opt for the contemporary washable rug over what could appear to be a more luxurious, conventional rug?

- Style: for those that haven't actually taken a look at the range of machine washable rugs on sale across the market today, one or two surprises might be in store. While 'machine washable' used to translate as 'monotone, pattern-free and a few bland colour choices,' it now means nothing of the sort. In fact, the use of modern design techniques and advanced synthetic fibres has made it possible for washable rugs to be created in quite literally every imaginable style and design, incorporating the colours, patterns, shapes and finishes any traditional rug would come in. Telling the two apart by appearance alone is largely impossible.

- Cleanliness: shy of calling in the professionals every time there is a slight spill or slip-up, it is impossible to keep an average rug looking its best for more than a week or two. Dirt, grime and minor stains will soon build up and are seldom removed by vacuuming, which in turn can lead to a less than ideal level of overall cleanliness. In the case of the washable rug on the other hand, it is simply a case of throwing it in the wash any time it needs a bit of a spruce-up to leave it good as new once again.

Even the cleanest looking of rugs might well be harbouring billions of germs and bacteria behind the scenes, the likes of which are not exactly beneficial to children, pets or the family as a whole. Machine washable rugs can be cleaned to a 100% bacteria-free extent with ease, while doing so with a standard rug would require expensive professional intervention.

Some think that an affordable, washable rug will never outlast an expensive and heavy traditional rug, though this isn't always true. Given the fact that washable rugs can be cleaned and sanitised infinitely more often than their traditional counterparts, it often proves the case that long-term damage caused by mould, rot and general build-up of dirt is far less likely to shorten the life of the more affordable option.

Washable rugs are affordable too, which will in almost every instance without fail fall in favour of the washable option. Most washable rugs are so affordable in fact that it is perfectly possible to swap and change them about from time to time, in a manner that wouldn't be quite as possible with a hugely expensive standard area rug.