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Textured Rugs


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Rugs are unique in that they have the ability to transform any room into a cosy living space and essentially any house into a home. The difference the right rug can make is truly extraordinary, though with the infinite options on offer from thousands of vendors today, making the choice as to which rug to take home can be tricky to say the least.

Textured rugs, shag rugs and other funky rugs have become hugely popular in modern times, primarily due to the incredible strides made in quality and affordability. So, if looking to brighten up a room or the home as a whole with a textured or shag rug, how best to go about the decision-making process?

The first thing to decide on is that of whether the rug to be purchased should be long or short in terms of its pile. If the interior decor is generally of a traditional or old-fashioned style, chances are a shorter-pile will look the part. By contrast, most contemporary living areas and those of a minimalist nature usually look superb with the addition of a long-pile rug. Of course, it is always imperative to keep in mind the dimensions of rug when considering the length of the pile, as a shorter-pile is often the preferred choice for aesthetically and practically if looking to cover a large area of the floor. The longer-pile options are usually favoured for slightly smaller rugs.

Next comes the matter of the material to choose for the rug, which will include deciding whether to go with natural or synthetic fibres. Natural texture rugs will usually have been made with cotton or wool, with cotton variants in particular being used to create a new wave of creative and funky rugs covering every imaginable style. When combined with their reasonably hard-wearing characteristics, ease of cleaning and affordability, these cotton texture rugs are seen as ideal for high traffic areas, first home and student houses.

Wool variants on the other hand are notably more elegant and luxurious, which is something that will always be reflected in the price paid. Wool can be just as hard-wearing as cotton, and the styles/designs on offer are practically endless, though wool is not the ideal choice for owners who aren't prepared to have it cleaned professionally.

Synthetic texture rugs are great when it comes to general maintenance, as most will actually resist stains and seldom absorb them. They can often be cleaned with a simple wipe, which makes them great choices for families with young children, kitchens and so on. On the other hand, synthetic seldom offers the same kind of luxury as the natural choice, so there is some compromise to be made.

Last but not least, the style of textured rug chosen can transform a room like no other soft furnishing on Earth. A deep green is an excellent way of bringing in a little life to areas with no other plants, white texture rugs can make a room feel enormously bigger and rich reds can add warmth in spades. Smaller texture rugs serve as accessories to an overall look, while those installed slightly larger than the furniture that sits on top of them can literally define the room as a whole.

We have a wide selection of textured rugs here at Rugmerchant.co.uk to suit all tastes.