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The advent of square rugs is a significant departure from the standard rectangular rug which has dominated the British home for many decades.

That's not to say that the square shaped rug is a particularly modern invention, it is just that it has become much more popular in recent years.

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There are many reasons why certain furnishings become more popular, but this type of rug arguably offers a certain unique elegance to a room. It is also symmetrical, of course, which means it can add a sense of balance to a room, and enhance the feeling that the space is tidy and well proportioned.

Naturally, it is important to have the right kind of space for a square rug, or to organise an existing space so that it works better with the rug. It is true to say that a square shaped room might be better suited to a rug of this type, but it can also be used in a variety of rectangular and L-shaped rooms, so long as you arrange the furniture in such a way as to compliment the shape of the rug.

Many interior designers will tell you that the square rug needs space to 'breathe'. While this can be said of regular, rectangular rugs too, the square rug must have a good border around it; not too close to furniture or fixtures and fittings. Of course, you do not have to be so strict as regards to the environment for this style of rug. In fact, many would say that less space around the square rug actually helps to create a more cosy feel in a room.

However you use your square rug or rugs, UK homeowners have found that they can be used to great effect in making interiors more homely. At Rugmerchant.co.uk, we have a wide range of square shaped rugs. From one-tone rugs in numerous colours, to a variety of different designs that compliment a plethora of interior styles, you are sure to find the perfect square rug for your home right here. You will also find rugs of different textures too, from short fibre to fluffy styles. While the square shape might seem rather formal, the textures, colours and designs available mean that this shape of rug can be used to enhance any interior style you wish, from flamboyant and fun to chic and elegant.

It is worth adding that square rugs are a big favourite with commercial customers, especially when bought in subdued, elegant shades that help to create a sense of professionalism in a company. Once again, the symmetrical nature of the square rug means that it adds to a sense of fairness, equality and organisation. It might be used in the reception area of a company, individual offices or in open plan work areas used by multiple employees.

At Rugmerchant.co.uk, you'll find all manner of colours and sizes to choose from, so you can choose a rug that fits in with the existing decor of your office.