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There is something timeless about the appeal of rugs made of animal skins; perhaps a certain nostalgia of an age when mankind and nature lived closer. Sheepskin rugs conjure up images of romantic evenings in front of a roaring fire, but for the more pragmatic and design conscious, they are simply gorgeous rugs that enhance the atmosphere of their home.

Sheepskin rugs and flokati rugs come from the same animal, and you would be forgiven for wondering what the difference is: while a flokati is made from wool yarn, sheepskin rugs are actually pelts. This makes flokatis thicker while Acrylic Simulated Sheepskin rugs are softer.

Flokati rugs come from the Pindus mountains of Greece and their weaving is a traditional craft that goes back to Ancient Greece, as references to them can be found in writings from the time of Alexander the Great. Shepherds washed new sheepskins by rubbing them in mountain river water, which caused the skin itself to tighten while the pile became fluffy.

Flokatis have always been popular and benefited from the 1960s and 1970s fondness for shaggy rugs in general. When this distinctive style fell out of favour, flokati rugs lost some of their attraction, but with the resurgence of retro fashion in recent years, as well as the availability of more affordable synthetic options, they have become trendy again and can be found in various interesting colours, adding a touch of the unusual if you feel bold enough!

Another animal whose skin has been beloved over the centuries is the humble cow. Domesticated since the Neolithic, they have occupied a unique place in human history and have provided mankind with milk, meat and their hides. Due to the size of the animal, a cow hide could have many uses, from bedding, clothing, to material used in making tents.

In modern life, cow hides can also earn their rightful place as the focus of attention in any interior: not only can they be used as a rug, but also as a wall hanging to bring a unique look to your home, or as a sofa throw.

One of the greatest appeals of cow hide rugs is probably their extraordinary diversity. While the 'typical' cow we think of is the black and white dairy one, cow breeds offer much more variety and display an infinity of colours and patterns: from the multicolour speckled salt-and-pepper hides, to blonde hides, all white, all black or brindle cow hides (with a natural stripe down their middle). In addition, no two animals are the same, so even within the same breed, your hide will be as unique as the animal it comes from. You will not only own a cow hide rug, but also a highly individual piece of art in its own right.

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, it is even possible to find cow hide rugs that are silk-screened to give them the look of zebras or big cats such as tigers, jaguars or leopards. Whatever you choose, you will certainly be making a statement!