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Diva Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £59.00

Eva Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £69.00

Twilight Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £48.00

Harmony Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £29.99

Fashion Carving Rugs

Prices from £59.99


Prices from £64.00

Whisper Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £69.00

Plush Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £129.00

Pearl Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £84.95

Sable Rugs

Prices from £49.99

Sable Two Rugs

Prices from £49.99

Splendour Collection

Prices from £30.00

Santa Cruz Collection

Prices from £29.95

Nordic Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £19.95


Prices from £169.00

Majesty Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £29.98

Metallica Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £79.00

Monte Carlo Rugs

Prices from £44.99

Noble House Rugs

Prices from £89.99


Prices from £179.99


Prices from £39.99


Prices from £39.99


Prices from £259.00

Vista Rugs

Prices from £29.00


Prices from £99.99


Prices from £199.99

Royal Nomadic Rugs

Prices from £54.95


Prices from £69.00

Verge Shaggy

Prices from £59.95

Grande Vista

Prices from £24.95


Prices from £44.95

Snowdon Rugs

Prices from £0.00

Loft Rugs

Prices from £49.99

Polar Rugs

Prices from £39.99

Elsa Rugs

Prices from £29.99

Genie Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £309.00

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Nothing quite says "welcome home" after a long day than the luxurious feeling of a soft, thick shaggy rug under your feet. Tempting, irresistible, you may well find yourself spending more time lounging on yours than on your sofa! Reinvented by 21st-century designers for the contemporary home, these modern rugs have an array of styles, colours and designs that make them an incredibly versatile design accessory which will enhance any interior and will bring even the dullest floors to life.

What gives shaggy rugs their marvellous fluffiness is the type of thick pile called 'shag' used to manufacture them. A shag pile rug is usually produced by making loops either out of natural fibres such as wool, cotton or linen among others, or out of synthetic materials such as acrylic, viscose, nylon or polyester. The strands of yarn are longer than for standard rugs and twisted loosely, rather than tightly as is the case for conventional rugs. While in traditional rugs, the excess fibres would be shorn off, it is not so with shaggy rugs, and it is those less dense, long pieces of material that give shag pile rugs their distinctive feel and look.

Originally designed in the middle of the 20th century as a type of deep pile carpet, shaggy rugs soon established themselves as a popular element in trendy interior design of the 1960s and 1970s. Paradoxically, they were a victim of their own success as their association with these decades made them less sought-after when that style fell out of favour.

However, with a resurgence of retro fashion in the recent years, they have been making a steady comeback and are, once again, becoming a common sight in our homes, thanks to their inviting warmth and comfort. Fashionable carpet designers have taken them into their hearts, reinventing shaggy rugs with modern, contemporary designs to suit any interior and taste.

Shaggy rugs are not confined to recreating a retro look; they are all-rounders which will enliven any room. They can metamorphose a bedroom into a romantic nest, add sophistication to your living room and be a snug space in your children's bedroom or playroom.

Practically, as shaggy rugs are so deep, they are an excellent choice for those less than perfect floors, and they also help to protect them and keep them clean while adding opulence to your home.

Shag pile rugs come at all prices to suit all budgets. You may find that cheap shaggy rugs made of synthetic fibres can be less soft than rugs made out of natural materials, the latter being towards the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price. They will also have a higher density than acrylic rugs, which means that they will collect less dust and dirt and will be easier to maintain.

Timeless, the enduring appeal of shaggy rugs is undeniable and they are clearly here to stay. So wait no longer for the pleasure to own one and make your home an oasis of charm and tranquility.