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Carter Wool Rugs

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Abstract Rugs

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Royal Classic

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Checked Flatweave

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Element Collection Rugs

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Woodstock Rugs

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Harmony Shaggy Rugs

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Gabbeh Rugs

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Greek Key Flatweave

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Prices from £99.00

Heritage Rugs

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Hong Kong Rugs

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Infinite Collection

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Joseph Rugs

Prices from £119.00

Noble Art

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Nordic Shaggy Rugs

Prices from £19.95

Sincerity Collection

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Prices from £269.00

Viscount Rugs

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Visiona Soft Collection

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Vista Rugs

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Prices from £59.00


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Prices from £49.00


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Grande Vista

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Natural Living

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We offer a range of quality rug and runner sets. They are ideal for the discerning decorator who wants the same style of coordinated rugs throughout their home, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

You may love the pattern of an area rug so much that you want to use the same pattern for a rug in your hall or on the stairs. In the past this could have caused you some difficulty, due to the rug for your hall requiring different dimensions, resulting in costly customising to get the look you want. However, we are now able to offer you rug and runner sets in a whole range of colours and designs. Our sets contain a large area rug which is great for a centrepiece, along with narrow runner rugs in the same design, cut into an oblong shape.

By purchasing our rug and runner sets you will receive the design you love, with the added flexibility and convenience of being able use them to brighten up the narrower spaces throughout your home, such as hallways, passageways and even the stairs.

A fresh trend for uniformity of design throughout the home brought about the introduction of runner rugs. Before widespread availability of rugs with runners, discerning home owners would re-size and alter existing rugs themselves. When rug and carpet manufacturers noticed the growing popularity of matching rugs throughout the home, and an increasing number of requests for alterations, the first rug with runner sets were born.

Since then the popularity of rugs with runners has increased dramatically, particularly in the US and Europe. Today there is a huge variety of rug and runner sets on offer, with their sales representing a considerable share of most rug and carpet manufacturers annual revenue.

Rugs and runners are mainly used in corridors, stairs and landings, though they can be used effectively in any carpeted room. They add a touch of warmth to cold hallways and staircases, offering a plush softness that is warm and comforting on your feet.

Rugs help to insulate your home and keep out any nasty draughts. They offer a cover for spots of tired and worn carpet, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, often providing an interesting talking point with visitors.

In many homes rugs and runners are used to change the mood of a room. Subtle shades can tame bright wallpaper or furniture, whilst vibrant patterns reinvigorate plain, tired spaces, giving them a new lease of life.

If you've managed to find a patterned rug and runner set that you love, it can help dictate the colour scheme for the whole room. Alternatively it can offer a fix to your design dilemmas. With the right rug and runner set you can bring together a room full of disparate pieces, and help them form a cohesive whole.

Rug and runner sets come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, patterns and colour schemes. Finding the right set to make a statement in your home is easier than ever, so come and take a look at our quality range today.

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