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When redecorating a room, it's often difficult to choose a flooring option that will match the style and effort you've put into the rest of your room. A circular rug can enhance the quality of any floor space. Whether you have a hardwood, laminate or carpeted room, you'll find a design to suit your style.

Whilst circular rugs have only become popular in the last few decades in this country, these desirable rugs have been popular for centuries in Turkish and Afghan households.

We have a range of modern and traditional round rugs in a variety of styles.

Even though they look stylish in any home, the popularity of round rugs has suffered from the fact they are extremely difficult to weave, making them harder to come across.

The high number of technically challenging knots needed to create a circular rug means traditionally they last longer than square rugs, so you know you'll be buying a product that lasts.

Their difficulty to produce often means that high quality circle rugs can be more expensive to buy than square rugs. Traditionally a round rug has been a sign of wealth, but you can now get a great deal when purchasing a stylish, quality crafted circular rug online.

Circle rugs are a unique alternative to more common large rectangular rugs. As your front room, living room or bedroom is rectangular, a rectangular rug can look out of place unless it's the right size for your floor space.

By introducing a new shape to your floor, you are free to choose whatever size circular rug you like without having to worry about it looking misplaced. For this reason, you're also not just limited to one circular rug per room. Mix and match with different colours and then arrange your round rugs into a stylish pattern to turn any floor into a trendy, modern design feature.

As round rugs are extremely versatile, they suit a large number of uses for your home. For example, you can place them under lampshades, small tables and seating to draw attention to your furniture. They can also bring warmth to a cold hardwood or laminate floor.

Circular rugs are also an extremely practical yet stylish way of protecting your flooring from scuffs or scratch marks that can damage a room. You can even rotate them to even out the wear your rug may receive over the years.

But circular rugs aren't just for modern rooms. A round rug can also bring a new lease of life and colour that your already decorated room might need. They can draw your eye to the centre of your room and they demand attention from any friend or relative that comes to visit.

Whether you want to create a funky, modern effect or you want to add some traditional style to a room, round rugs are a great addition to any room or hallway.

Browse online for a wide range of styles, colours, patterns and designs to suit you. All are built with the highest quality materials yet are still affordable.