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Large Rugs


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Oska Rugs

Prices from £219.00

Blade Rugs

Prices from £169.00

Holborn Rugs

Prices from £199.00

Helix Felted Rugs

Prices from £179.00

Gaucho Leather Rugs

Prices from £309.00

Camden Rugs

Prices from £269.00

Squiggle Wool Rugs

Prices from £179.00

Chobi Rugs

Prices from £319.00

Colores Rugs

Prices from £44.00

Patio Rugs

Prices from £29.00

Windsor Rugs

Prices from £39.00

Vogue Rugs

Prices from £29.00

Marrakesh Rugs

Prices from £17.00

Tweed Rugs

Prices from £239.00

Jacob Rugs

Prices from £299.00

Hays Rugs

Prices from £119.00

Essence Rugs

Prices from £299.99

Denbury Rugs

Prices from £0.00

Large rugs are the perfect way to decorate and protect floors whilst adding extra warmth and soundproofing to a room.

Whether you favour chic and modern, contemporary styles or a more traditional feel in your home, there is a rug that will perfectly suit your tastes and needs. Large and extra large rugs are ideal for any room too, and can be used to instantly transform a living room, hall, dining room, bedroom or loft room.

Our Bellagio collection, for example, oozes with luxury and comfort.

Rugs are available in many different colours and designs, and there are plenty of chic yet cheap large rugs available for those on a budget. When looking at rugs for sale, you can choose a large rug in a neutral colour such as cream, brown or beige to add a soft and sophisticated feel to a room. Look for shades that match your sofas, furniture and colour scheme if you like to go for a matching look.

Alternatively, you can go for large rugs in bold and bright colours, such as pink, green, blue or purple. These daring designs add a dramatic touch to a room and create a fresh and modern feel without the need to redecorate.

If you have wood or laminate floors, then a large rug can cover the main area to keep it protected from heavy footfall and scratches from furniture, such as coffee tables.

Whether you own or rent your home, you will want to keep laminate and wooden floors in fantastic condition and, by using a rug to cover the floors, they will stay looking fantastic. If you drop something heavy on the floor, the rug will protect it and when a guest accidentally knocks a drink over, all you need to do is clean the rug instead of worry about permanent damage to a floor.

As well as protecting your floors, large rugs also keep the floor warm. Wood or laminate floors can become cold, especially in autumn and winter, but if you lay a rug down you will be able to walk around barefoot all you want without worrying about getting cold feet. Large rugs can increase soundproofing in a room too and they are especially useful in flats. Noise from TVs and stereos can bounce off the wood or laminate surface and even talking and walking around can be louder too. As well as being annoying for people in other rooms of your home, this extra noise can affect your neighbours. By simply placing a rug down, you will make everyone's life easier because it will muffle all sounds within the room.

Large rugs and extra large rugs are a practical and stylish addition to the home and, unlike most floor coverings, you don't need to spend any time or money on fitting them. They're the perfect way to update a room and add your own touch to your surroundings in seconds.