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Rugs in various shapes and forms have been gracing the homes of the world since ancient times, with dozens of records documenting the weaving of rugs as far back as 500BC. Of course, much has changed in the meantime by way of style, quality and affordability, but what hasn't left the concept is the way in which a rug can literally transform a room in so many ways.

For millions of people all over the world, the kitchen represents the very heart of the home. Kitchens have become, over recent years, the most cherished and social rooms of most homes across the board. Be it for family dining, wild partying or casual conversation, all good social encounters always end up in the kitchen!

As such, more people than ever before could benefit from the installation of a carefully chosen rug for their kitchen which, if selected appropriately, has the potential to bring an all-new dynamic to the room. The question therefore is that of what makes the ideally suited rug for any given kitchen, along with what to consider before making a purchase.

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- Style: there's no such thing as a right or wrong style of rug to go into any kitchen; it is purely a matter of personal tastes and desires. That being said, it is worth bearing on mind that just as is the case in any other room of the house, certain patterns and colours will have a significant impact. Dark colours can add warmth though will not help the lighting of the kitchen, while a bright colour will indeed add further light but will be harder to keep clean. Balance personal tastes with common sense.

- Fabric: the list of fabrics on offer for kitchen rugs is practically endless, but what has to be kept in mind is the way in which the kitchen floor is one of the highest-traffic areas of the whole house. What's more, the kitchen floor is also likely to be punished with more spills, drops, burns and general abuse than any other room in the house, so be sure to opt for something suitably hard-wearing. Polypropylene is a popular and sensible choice.

- Size: a kitchen rug doesn't have to cover the whole floor, and sometimes less can be more. Choosing a rug that just covers a selected area of the floor not only allows for a wonderful contrast with the flooring, but also makes for a much easier job when looking to clean the rug or send it away for a professional touch-up.

Some deliberately cut corners when buying kitchen rugs UK, as they know it will probably have all manner of spills and stains thrown at it month by month. Sadly, choosing cheap mats for the kitchen will only lead to the need to replace it on a regular basis, along with the potential for frayed edges and other wear that can create tripping hazards.

Last but not least, also consider whether a kitchen rug or mat will provide substanial footfall protection. It is essential to either insist on rugs with non-slip backings or to personally apply slip-prevention accessories, gels or whatever it takes. There are no rooms in the home more dangerous to slip and trip in than the kitchen; hard surfaces and sharps are everywhere!

Browse our selection of rugs for your kitchen. Some believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, and we believe that getting the right rug for it is just as important, too. At we're sure you'll find something that you'll love.

And with our Price Promise, we strive to match any price quoted on any other website for one of our kitchen rugs or mats.