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As alluded to famously in a certain classic Cohen Brothers' film, nothing ties a room together quite like a nice rug. Although most rugs will lend your room an extra level of function and comfort due to their practical size and comfortable fabrics, designer rugs are beautiful and unique items, tailor made to accentuate a rooms individuality and style.

Modern designer rugs are both practical and incredibly stylish and if you're looking to make an impression with you choice of furnishings, there really isn't a more elegant way of bringing your room to life. Get your creative juices flowing by browsing our Vintage designer collection.

Many might be confused as to the specific differences between a 'rug' and a 'carpet' and there is a good reason for that. The terms were initially interchangeable when both were first popularised back in the eighteenth century, but these days a carpet is known as a piece of fabric with finished ends that covers the entirety of a floorspace, whereas a rug is a smaller piece of fabric that doesn't necessarily need to be placed in a fixed location. Rugs were initially known for being of a lower quality to most carpets, but over the centuries they have evolved and are now seen more as a means of embellishing a room than a cheaper means of providing comfortable footing to households.

Although the majority of more conventional rugs are woven from wool, a variety of fabrics can be used together to achieve the desired effect. Cost is also a factor as certain fabrics are more expensive and desirable than others. Most designer rugs and conventional rugs alike are machine woven these days, however traditional rug making practices, dating back as far as the fifteenth century are still utilised in order to achieve specific looks and feels. Braided rugs, for example, are made by folding the edges of many strips of fabric and braiding them together. Most braided designer rugs are oval in shape and have a pleasing texture to them. Even more specialised rug making practices are also sometimes used when creating designer rugs. UK designers, especially, might decide on using traditional 'rug hooking' methods, where loops of yarn or fabric are pulled through a stiff woven base with a latch hook mounted in a handle.

The design options available with designer rugs are potentially limitless, with designs based around everything from subtle pattern work, to more extravagant designs featuring intricately woven pictures and patterns that can be achieved through a variety of weaving styles. Certain effects are also achieved through more unconventional means, for example rugs can be dried in the sun to give patterns a more intense colour, or shading can be added post weave.

The colours available depend very much on the designer's tastes but, as a general rule, lighter furniture generally benefits from darker rugs as the rug makes a bold statement, acting as an 'anchor' for the furniture; this is especially true of leather furniture. The same can also be said of light rugs and darker furniture, however it is all essentially a matter of taste.

Designer rugs are not solely for those with deep pockets either. Depending on the designer and the complexity of the design, modern designer rugs can fall into any price range. Big name fashion designers such as Calvin Klein have delved into the world of designer rugs of late, but there are also a host of lesser known designers who specialise in rug design. Also, to save on costs, many designers will simply print their designs onto the finished rug instead of weaving it in; this is obviously not only time saving but incredibly cost effective, and some might even prefer this effect.

As you can see, regardless of your budget or tastes, designer rugs are a practical and attractive potential feature with a firm cultural history and will make a perfect talking point in your living room, bedroom or conservatory.