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For anyone who has had children or even looked after them for any amount of time, it soon becomes clear that there is one place they tend to end up: the floor. As such, it's little wonder that the carpets and rugs of children's bedrooms and play areas tend to become a centrepiece of childhood, where toy dolls, cars, soldiers, planes and Lego bricks all get spilled out and enjoyed.

But while it is true that children are not entirely fussy as to the kind of rug or carpet they play on, giving them a colourful, fun rug to play on can enhance the playful atmosphere of a room and even become a something of a favourite item in itself. With this in mind, it is not surprising that there are now so many children's rugs to choose from. And in many ways, the designers of these rugs have been given a level of free reign that designers of adult rugs never get. In short, designing these are a lot more fun!

Only with a kids rug do you get the entire rug in the shape of a car or a plane, for example. Children's rugs are not impeded by the regular rectangular or square rug shape; they can be any shape that the modern factory can produce and they can produce pretty much any shape they wish.

This flexibility of design has meant that kids rugs are incredibly imaginative; a quality that many parents would agree is crucial to the healthy emotional and mental development of growing children. Of course, a colourful, fun rug is not going to turn your child into a rocket scientist, but it is going to stimulate their play times, and just enhance their sense of fun!

At, we're proud to offer the kind of children's rugs UK children adore, with an exciting variety to choose from. When it comes to the kaleidoscopic colour that tends to dominate a child's bedroom, it is often better to throw caution to the wind in terms of interior decor; after all, only a rainbow goes with a rainbow! Take some time to browse our colourful selection, each one chosen for its bold, fun design. And as well as looking fantastic, each and every kids rug has been created to the very highest standards, which means no matter how much it is played on and enjoyed, your child's rug will last many years.

But as many parents have discovered, sometimes it is better to let your little ones do the choosing. Why not let them have a look at our colourful range, and select whichever one takes their fancy? We offer numerous styles and indeed sizes, so however big your child's play area, you are sure to find a rug that fits in it perfectly.

Discover why so many UK parents - and children- have come to rely on, not only because we ensure our exciting range is regularly updated, but because our products are second to none in terms of quality and durability.