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Our non slip rugs make a valuable addition to any household. Everyone has an annoying rug that slips across their smooth floor space each day. It's a hassle you can do without, having to return it to its usual spot daily wastes your time and gets tedious after a while.

Also using standard rugs on smooth surfaces can create a real safety hazard in your home. Many accidents are caused when people lose their footing, or trip over a rug they don't expect to be there. It's particular hazardous for small children who tear around your home, and can easily slip when they run over a rug that isn't stable on the ground. Put safety first and your mind at ease, by replacing your old rug with one from our anti slip range today; start by browsing our Artificial Silk range.

Anti slip rugs were developed in response to the design trend in our homes and retail premises, to use smooth flooring such as tiles, lino and laminate, as an alternative to traditional carpet. These materials became commonly used in the UK from the 1930's onwards. They offered a cheap and practical solution to the problem of dirty carpets, or stained wooden floors, in our kitchens and bathrooms.

Early anti slip rugs were often developed in the home by adding a rubber backing to existing rugs. However, this had some undesirable side effects as the rubber often used to weld into the laminate, causing considerable staining.

Today, non slip rugs are used widely in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and at the entrance of many retail and commercial premises. They are a firm fixture in every home and come recommended by health and safety experts as the best rug to use on smooth surfaces.

Anti slip rugs are ideal for any room with a smooth floor. They are practical in nature, with non slip bath mats providing a place to stand when getting out of the bath or shower. Not only do they offer a safe foothold helping you to retain your balance, they soak up any additional water, leaving your bathroom floor safe and dry.

Non slip kitchen rugs are extremely popular due to kitchen flooring being designed for its ability to be wiped down. Non slip kitchen rugs are often used as door mats, so you can wipe your feet when you come in from the outside, or are placed in front of the oven or other appliances to offer grip. It's important when handling hot foods not to slip, and if you're in socks or slippers then you may not have a firm footing. Using a non slip kitchen rug will reduce any risks and improve safety in your home.

Anti slip rugs aren't just used for practical purposes, they can really help to enhance the quality of your floor space. Our anti slip rugs come in a variety of colours and designs. They can really offset your kitchen or bathrooms existing features, and provide a rich diversity of textures, adding a touch of opulence to a room that could have lacked it before.

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