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Area Rugs: All Categories of Area Rugs For Your Home

With modern, traditional and designer rugs in all colours, shapes (round, square, skins/furs) and sizes, our Area Rugs have your floor covered!

4 major points to consider when buying an Area Rug

A large (or small) area rug has a big effect on the appearance of the space it sits in. Here are the 4 major points to consider when buying an area rug:

1. Consider what the type of rug that would work with your space

We’re talking traditional, modern, designer, perhaps a skin or fur, or something more practical (and fun if it’s a children’s rug).

Your furniture can help you decide - if you have heavily patterned furniture, detailed artwork, or other furnishings that already serve as a focal point, an intricate, patterned area rug will distract from that and make your room feel crowded and disorganised. If the rest of your décor is understated, however, a beautifully patterned rug can add a tasteful touch of personality to an otherwise utilitarian feeling space.

When choosing a colour, it’s best to pull in contrasting colours from other pieces when choosing your rug. In a room with olive coloured walls and furniture, a similarly coloured rug can feel drab and boring, but a textured beige rug can give it a homegrown, earthy feel. A black and white patterned rug goes great in a modern space that contains a lot of white, whereas a white rug might make the room feel too sterile. Existing throw pillows, artwork, lampshades, and other smaller accents in your room are a great place to look for colour inspiration.

2. Think about how the rug will be used

‘High traffic’ areas (hallways, corridors) won’t be able to handle a delicate material, and some materials have certain criteria for cleaning.

3. The area rug material makes a difference

We’ve written a comprehensive guide about how to choose a rug that contains detailed notes on area rug materials.

4. Pick an appropriate (and nice) size and shape

A rug in a dining room should always extend at least 18 inches past the edges of the table to keep dining chairs from catching when guests push away from the table. To measure for a dining room rug, add 4 to 4 ½ feet to the length and width of the dining table with all leaves added.

The shape of the area rug has a bearing on ‘how it looks’ and how well it fits in with the room. Skins and Furs often have a certain size and shape that enhance their appearance and enjoyability. We also provide a made to measure service for custom requirements.