Room Planner

How to use our Room Planner

Visualising how one of our products may look in your home couldn’t be easier. Our Room Planner is designed to help give you an insight as to how a particular rug may appear in any room of your home.

  • On the left hand side, enter the measurements of the longest and shortest walls in your room in metres.
  • Click ‘Draw Room’ underneath these fields and an image representing your room will appear.
  • If you regard the left-hand side once again, go to Step 3 and select a rug size from the drop down bar. Your rug will then appear within the image of your room.
  • Once you’ve rotated the rug into your designed position, you can then add ‘furniture.’ These are shapes that can be added to the image that help represent the furniture of your home and how a rug may fit around these items. Select a shape and then click ‘Add Furniture’ for it to appear in your room.

Step 1

Enter your room measurements in metres below.

Step 2

Press to create your floor space.

Step 3

Step 4

Room Planner