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The colour or shade of white has many connotations and has been used by numerous civilisations to denote all kinds of meanings. But key to the power of white is purity, energy and goodness. These are of course powerful ideas, but when it comes to choosing white rugs, or rugs that have white as a key component, the most impressive thing about the shade is the way it reflects light around a room, making a living area seem brighter and more spacious.

While some people consider white as a 'safe' colour in terms of home furnishings, it can in fact be used to great effect if you wish to create an energetic feel to a room. There are many routes you can take to harness its power, and rugs offer one of the best ways to experiment. This is because a rug can be moved around as much as you wish. If the desired effect has not been achieved in one corner of a room, you can simply move the rug to a position that is more visually appealing.

The heavy use of white in a room can also give a sense of wealth or power. By its very nature it needs more care than other colours simply to ensure it stays gleaming white, which adds to the idea that it is an exclusive shade. In terms of white rugs, if you start playing around with various materials, for example extra fluffy white rugs, you can enhance this regal, powerful feel to your room, which can be quite fun.

While white is used a great deal in energetic living spaces such as living rooms and perhaps dining areas, it is also used in many bathroom settings, often because it adds to the sense of cleanliness to that space. But additionally, it can add notions of opulence and comfort, too.

Of course, you don't need to use rugs that are exclusively white. Why not play around with different combinations such as white and black rugs, or blue and white rugs? The former style, white and black, can be used to create a dramatic effect in a room, since the two key shades contrast a great deal. This can be very effective when used in harmony with other home furnishings and furniture.

The use of blue and white rugs, on the other hand, can generate a fresher, brighter feel for a room. Reminiscent of the sky and of the sea, these two powerful colours can create an energetic maritime feel, one that is at once cool and energetic.

When looking for white rugs, UK customers can find a huge selection of top quality products from In addition to white-only rugs, you'll find a fantastic selection of colour combinations and designs which use white as a key shade.

Each and every rug from has been created with the finest materials, so you can rest assured that both you and your family will be able to enjoy your rugs for many years to come.