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Well placed teal blue rugs can bring your home to life by providing a focal point for your room, or helping to bring together an existing design. The benefits of this naturally relaxing colour, coupled with the lusciously tactile feel of a high pile rug, can bring a sense of calm into even the most frenzied of lives.

Teal is half way between green and blue on the colour wheel. It's name originated from Greek, meaning blue, and it's commonly described as the colour of tropical waters close to a white sand beach. With a pedigree like that there's no wonder it's a relaxing colour.

Due to its watery theme, Teal rugs are particularly popular in bathrooms when purchased as a non slip variety. Cheap teal rugs are available in most household stores and have become a staple in many British family bathrooms. They provide a handy solution to the problem of slippy bathroom floors, providing a place to stand when getting out of the bath or shower. Not only do they offer a safe foothold helping you to retain your balance, they soak up any additional water, leaving your bathroom floor safe and dry


Every psychologist knows that colours can impact upon our moods, so to optimise your well-being, it's important to get the right colours into your home. Teal blue rugs aren't simply aesthetically pleasing, they can alter your state of mind too.

Teal is known in colour psychology as a shade that will help control your emotions and heal them. It radiates peace and tranquillity throughout your home, slowing your heart rate and reducing your stress levels, so you can better cope with the rigours of modern life. Teal can also recharge our energy and spirits, and some psychologists think that it can help alleviate the effects of loneliness.

Regardless of whether or not you believe these lofty claims, one thing most people would agree on is that teal is a relaxing colour which offers a calming effect. It can bring an atmosphere of peace and serenity to a room, balancing out the negative impacts of stressful colours such as reds, and adding vitality to beige rooms that need some spirit and a burst of energy.

Well placed teal rugs can add a calming designer touch to your home. They are particularly popular in the bathroom, where they can help you relax while taking a long soak, but can be used elsewhere throughout your home.

Teal blue rugs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can co-ordinate your home with a mixture of rugs and runners to create a cohesive theme throughout, or use a non slip teal rug in the bathroom for functionality. In addition a thick teal pile rug can make a cosy addition to your bedroom or lounge.

Whatever your needs, offers a wide selection of teal rugs for sale, with a size and style to suit everyone. Check out our quality range online and find your perfect new rug today.