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  5. 5 offers a very wide selection of red rugs for sale in modern and traditional styles, in varying sizes, which will be a great investment for anyone.

Not only do rugs look great and are usually a welcomed addition to any room, but they have more practical purposes too. Usually floors hold onto cold air which, as hot air rises, can make feet cold, and in already cold rooms, adds to the chill factor. Using cheap red rugs such as those offered by over large open floorboards, tiles, lino, or even carpet will improve the temperature to a noticeable degree, and also make the room feel cosy.

Our Afghan rugs in red will add a retro element to your home.

Rugs have been used for centuries for this purpose, and there's a reason red rugs are so popular. Traditionally, the colour red is associated with strength and vitality, or in its more primal form, fire and blood. (It is worth remembering that the colour symbology we enjoy today heralds from a time far out of memory).

If you're trying to use a colour which will reflect your personality, you can't go wrong with red. It symbolises a strong person, who is very passionate about both their work and home life. It is also a sign of an adventurous spirit. And of course it is a very important aspect to romance in the Western world, so a red rug will be warming and possibly aid seduction.

Red rugs in the living room are seen as very warming, and are great for rooms filled with cooler colours such as white walls. Decorators would tell you that it is wise to just use hints of red in a very cold coloured room, so a red rug would be perfect. If you are lucky enough to have an open fire, a red rug will match the tones of the flames and bring the room together warmly.

The beneficial aspects of red are numerous and include evoking passion and romance, as well as strength of character, including courage. Many cultures worldwide use the colour red to represent happiness and good luck. In China a red envelope usually contains money, whereas in Japan, it is reportedly a good colour for marriage. And in Russia, the word for 'red' means 'beauty.' Additionally, the colour red is seen in 77% of flags worldwide. Red carpets are also used for very distinguished guests or even royalty, and come with an air of grace, which will be evident even in a rug form.

Some of our designer red rugs are simply stunning.

The feel of a room is very important when any substantial time is to be spent there, so choosing the right shade of red is a great advantage. It is said that males are more attracted to light reds, which have a hint of yellow in their makeup, whereas females are attracted to darker reds, which have blues involved. offers red rugs in practically any size and style, so you'll be sure to find a red rug that will suit your lifestyle.