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  • Prices from £99.00

    Asiatic Reko Rug Purple

    Asiatic Reko Rug Purple

    • 120 x 170 cm (4'0 x 5'7 ft) - £129
    • 160 x 230 cm (5'3 x 7'7 ft) - £239
    • 200 x 300 cm (6'7 x 9'11 ft) - £399
    • 100 x 150 cm (3'3 x 4'11 ft) - £99

  • Prices from £49.99

    Rainbow Purple

    Rainbow Purple

    • 75 x 135 cm (2'6 x 4'6 ft) - £49.99

  • Prices from £29.00

    Vista 2236 Purple

    Vista 2236 Purple

    • 60 x 120 cm (2'0 x 4'0 ft) - £29
    • 160 x 230 cm (5'2 x 7'5 ft) - £89
    • 80 x 150 cm (2'8 x 5'0 ft) - £39
    • 60 x 220 cm (2'0 x 7'3 ft) - £39
    • 120 x 170 cm (4'0 x 5'7 ft) - £69
    • 200 x 290 cm (6'7 x 9'7 ft) - £189
    • 240 x 340 cm (7'11 x 11'2 ft) - £259
    • diam. x 133 cm (diam. x 4'5 ft) - £59

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Purple rugs add warmth to any house, whilst being affordable. Large purple rugs help to relax the atmosphere, whilst offering a soothing environment. offers a wide selection of purple rugs in varying sizes, from small to extra large, in modern and traditional styles. Not only do rugs look great and are usually a welcomed addition to any room, but they have more practical purposes too. Usually floors hold onto cold air which, as hot air rises, can make feet cold, and in already cold rooms, adds to the chill factor. Using a rug over large open floorboards, tiles, lino, or even carpet will improve the temperature to a noticeable degree, and also make the room feel cosier.

Make a statement with our Jazz Jazz Blocks rugs in purple.

Rugs have been used for centuries, and there's a reason why purple rugs are so popular. Traditionally, the colour purple is thought of as very spiritual, and will suit those who are already on a spiritual path of any kind, and those seeking the benefits of a spiritual life without the need to practise. Cheap purple rugs such as those offered by are also used as a meditation tool, as the colour purple is said to inspire enlightenment.

In some areas of the world purple is a sign of royalty, so a purple rug will raise the tone of any room. It is also a very intelligent colour, which reportedly helps in the attainment of wisdom; perfect for afternoon coffee with friends, or even in a board room to encourage people to make the most intelligent remarks.

Purple rugs in the UK are seen as a good colour to help harmonise the striking differences between blues and reds, pulling any room together in harmony, without the need to redecorate. Blues are seen as quite calming, whereas reds are usually seen as stimulating. The combination of these two colours in any room on their own can give the room a slightly jarred feeling.

So if you are after an environment which provides the best of both worlds, without the room feeling out of kilter, a purple rug might just be your answer. As purple contains a portion of blue and red in its makeup, it does not matter which shade of blue or red you are hoping to match together; purple will do its job well.

Additionally, the colour purple has been proven to increase creativity, both in practical art or written works, or just in thoughts. It is also important to good mental health as it works to calm nerves, and should help to ease tension in any room. It is also a very uplifting colour, without being too dominant, and can work to ease depressions of the mind and soul. offers purple rugs in practically any size and style, so you'll be sure to find a purple rug that will suit your lifestyle.