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Pink is one of those colours that never fails to get a reaction, and for the most part that reaction is very positive. From those who love the outlandishness of fluorescent pinks, to those who simply cherish the undeniable femininity of a soft pastel pink, this colour is popular with all kinds of people. If you're considering pink either for your self or for one of your family members, then pink rugs are an ideal way to experiment with how this fantastic colour might be used in your home.

Unlike full pink carpets, pink wallpaper or pink painted walls, pink rugs offer wonderful flexibility. You can re-arrange pink rugs, and try them will all manner of interior furnishings in order to get the look you desire.

Our Kids collection has plenty of products in pink.

Pink is traditionally a very feminine colour, and as such has been used in girls' clothing and bedrooms for many decades, even centuries. It takes its name from a flower "pinks" which has arguably only helped to cement its reputation as a largely feminine colour.

Pink also has strong associations with love and passion, and as such is regarded as a highly emotional colour. While young girls tend to be drawn to this colour, fully grown women often continue with their passion for pink throughout their life.

Pink is also enjoyed as a rather camp, fun colour, and used in clothing and interior decoration by all manner of sections of society, not least the gay community, who often relish it. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, pink was also used by the punk movement, turning the traditional usages of pink on their head.

But despite all of its history, pink remains a very domestic colour. By investing in pink rugs for your living room, for example, you're likely to create a very inviting and friendly feel, which is ideal for creating a harmonious atmosphere in your home. You might also choose to mix pinks with other colours. Black and pink rugs, for example, would create a more modern look, one that combines masculine black with feminine pink. But if you really want to exaggerate the girlie feel of a room, then hot pink rugs might be ideal for you; few other shades can electrify a room quite as well as hot pink!

Today, almost anyone can harness the many joyous shades of pink for their home with pink rugs. UK customers of have long been able to choose from scores of different styles and shades of pink, with all manner of rug textures. From vivacious, fluffy rugs, to simple, elegant short fibre pink rugs, UK rug lovers have never had such a wide selection to choose from.

Take some time to browse the selection of pinks rugs we have available at Each and every rug has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, promising you and your family many years of use and enjoyment. Welcome to, the home of pink rugs and many other rugs besides!