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Orange is an undeniably exciting colour, and when you start to browse the many orange rugs available, you'll no doubt start to get many ideas about how orange can transform a room. The energy of orange has long been harnessed by interior designers to create dynamic decors that tend to engender positive feelings for those who use them. Orange can be used to fantastic effect with other colours, especially blues and purples, which compliment orange very well.

Bring a room to life with an orange Balotelli rug.

Of course, this colour could hardly be described as a 'safe' colour; it is a long way from being magnolia, after all. But orange does offer a unique and exciting way to add energy to a room. Most people would tend to harness orange for rooms in which much family or social activity takes places, such as living rooms or dining rooms. The colour perhaps does not lend itself to sleeping areas, although some people certainly love having such an energetic colour in their bedrooms.

Because of its proximity to other bright, powerful colours such as red and yellow (it occupies a position in the colour spectrum in between the two), orange has long been associated with emotions such as passion and desire. So if you're looking to create a truly dynamic feel for a room, then selecting orange rugs is a great start. Because orange is such a bouncy, fun colour, you may feel the need to re-arrange your orange rugs a little, until you get just the right feel for your room. But that is part of the joy of rugs, they are so flexible from an interior design point of view.

If you like the optimism of orange but don't want something too bright, you might consider burnt orange rugs as an alternative. These are perfect if you have a more subtle, yet still visually exciting, interior that wouldn't suit a bright orange. Used in conjunction with autumnal colours, burnt orange can be a wonderfully evocative colour.

Orange rugs can also make a fantastic present, since it is a colour some people might not consider themselves, it perhaps being too bold. But when people are presented with an orange rug as a gift, they come to realise what a fun, energising colour it is, and how it can transform the look and feel of a room.

The sizes and styles of orange rugs UK customers can choose from is vast, at least when buying from Whether you are looking for a small, cheeky orange rug for a small space such as a bathroom or a hallway, or whether you want to go all out and purchase a large, energetic rug for your living room, you are certain to find the perfect item right here.

If you're looking for rugs for sale that offer optimum quality and durability, look no further than, where many years of passion and experience have created one of the most trusted online rug emporiums in the United Kingdom.