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Well placed grey rugs can bring your home to life by providing a focal point for your room, or can help to bring together an existing design. They work well in contemporary, modern, minimalistic homes, where they provide a valuable centrepiece and area of focus. The benefits of this naturally chic and relaxing colour, coupled with the lusciously tactile feel of a high pile rug, can bring stability and calm into your home.

Grey rugs can comprise of a single block colour, or be combined with other shades to create maximum impact. Colour combination rugs such as black and grey rugs, and grey and silver rugs, work well together, pulling in the eye of visitors and providing an interesting talking point in your home.

Our grey Karma Karma rugs add a gritty edge to the modern home.

Historically the colour grey is associated with aging and the passage of time. This is probably due to the decreased pigment production found in human hair follicles over time, leading to the greying of our hair.

In recent years grey has undergone something of a revival, with the colour becoming incredibly popular, offering a gritty, industrial edge which has been used in many design projects. This colour revival continues to this day, and an edgy contemporary grey rug can be used to modernise and refresh rooms in need of an update.

Every psychologist knows that colours can impact upon our moods, so to optimise your well-being, it's important to get the right colours into your home. Grey rugs aren't simply aesthetically pleasing as they can alter your state of mind, too.

You have to be careful when bringing shades of grey into your home; the wrong tone can have a dampening effect on your mood and can be draining. Grey is a good colour to use in a rug in your bedroom, as it can promote sleep and relax you.

Well placed grey rugs can add a edgy designer touch to your home. They are particularly popular in bedrooms, where they can help you relax, but can be used elsewhere throughout your home to add an innovative industrial feel.

Grey rugs work well in large open spaces such as barn conversions and large open plan rooms. In its darker shades, a grey rug can make your room look smaller, while pale silver rugs actually bring an airy feeling of space.

Grey rugs look best alongside other contemporary design features, such as crisp white walls and smooth wooden or granite floors. Make sure you don't use too much grey in you room as it works best as a centre piece colour to add an area of focus.

Grey rugs are compatible with a variety of other colours and designs. Combine them with a contemporary lime or tangerine wall shade to create the latest in New York style, or for a more muted look, use with white walls for classic elegance.

Whatever your needs, offers a wide selection of grey rugs for sale, with a size and style to suit everyone. Check out our quality range online and find your perfect new rug today.