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Crimson is a beautiful deep, rich red with purple undertones. Purchasing a red crimson rug will make an instant statement in any room, evoking a sense of intimacy and passion. You may be surprised to learn that red crimson rugs are incredibly versatile, and can be used as a centre or accent piece in any part of your home. A celebration of both warm and cool tones interwoven together, crimson is quickly becoming one of the UK's top rug colours. We offer a huge selection of crimson rugs for sale, but is this the shade for you?

Add an instant modern edge to your home with our designer crimson Cocoon rug by Arte Espina, or choose our lovely Dumroo Dumroo design to indulge your inner romantic. You simply cannot go wrong with this beautiful colour!

The use of crimson goes back a long way in textile production. The original weaver artisans of Asia and the Middle East used the pigment extensively as a backdrop for some of their most ornate and beautiful designs. Traditional weaves produced today still feature crimson extensively, as you can see in our Heritage range. When used in this way, crimson adds an air of classical beauty and splendour associated with the finest antique rugs.

You don't need to choose a traditional design to take full advantage of this gorgeous colour. Today it is easy to find cheap crimson rugs that look every bit as luxurious as their ancient counterparts, as the colour is used extensively in contemporary design.

Being a bold hue, crimson really stands out in a room with neutral decorations. Any space that has pre-existing decor in slate, beige, black, white or cream will look simply divine with a crimson rug. Even if you already have plenty of colour in your room, crimson is dark and subtle enough that it can complement and contrast to any hue. Try adding it to a room with gold or even pink accents for a bold, unique look.

Crimson rugs are an ideal choice for the rooms that make-up your inner sanctum. Add the colour generously to your bedroom for a sexy, mysterious vibe. You can also use traditional rugs that feature crimson to impart a sense of authority and stateliness; try placing a crimson rug with ornate contrasting design in your home office. Finally, don't be afraid to use crimson as the focal point in your guest spaces. It's an excellent colour to use in your living or dining rooms, again evoking a sense of warmth and comfort.

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