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The colour cream dates back as far as 1590 and is a colour which can be created if you mix together yellow and white. Cream is a neutral colour, and is one which you will find being used throughout most households. Cream rugs are known as traditional style rugs and you can find these at low prices to suit all budgets. You can find cream rugs in plain styles or with patterns to suit your own individual tastes and the style of your home.

As part of the colour scheme in your home, there are many ways in which cream rugs can have a positive effect on any room. Cream rugs will really open up the room and make it appear larger than it is. If you have a small sized living room, large cream rugs are an ideal way to give the illusion of a more expansive area. The great thing about cream rugs is that they can be combined with most other colours without causing a colour clash.

Our Aspen rugs offer a touch of luxury in a beautiful shade of cream.

Large cream rugs on wooden flooring are the perfect way to create an open space in your living room. Dark colours tend to make a room look smaller, so if you want to make your room appear larger, it is worthwhile investing in cream rugs. If you have brown or black sofas in your living room, cream rugs will go really well with the look. Cream is a bright and reflective colour which is why it contributes to making the room look brighter and bigger.

The colours you use throughout the home can really contribute to your mood, so it is a good idea to think these through before you decide on your colour scheme. Neutral colours are peaceful and are common colours in most households.

If you want to create two different moods at the same time, you can combine cream rugs with another colour. Red and cream rugs will combine the airy feeling of neutral with the warming feeling of red to create a reflective mood which will help you feel comfortable and cosy in the room.

You may also wish to use black and cream rugs in the home to adapt to the colour blocking trends. These two neutral colours will help to create a peaceful, tranquil feeling throughout the home.

If you are looking to create a specific atmosphere in your home, selecting the right style and colour of rug can really help with the desired effect.

At you can find a wide range of different rugs in all sorts of sizes and styles to suit all tastes. If you have a small budget to work with, there are prices to suit everyone so you don't need to leave yourself out of pocket. The right rug can create the kind of atmosphere you want in your home, so you can feel warm and cosy and ensure your guests enjoy visiting your home and leave suitably impressed.