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Not only do rugs look great, but they have more practical purposes too. Usually floors hold onto cold air, which, as hot air rises, can make feet cold, and in already cold rooms, adds to the chill factor. Using cheap brown rugs such as those offered by over large open floorboards, tiles, lino, or even carpet, will improve the temperature to a noticeable degree, and also make the room feel cosier.

Rugs have been used for centuries for this purpose, and there's a reason brown rugs are so popular. Traditionally, the colour brown is associated with stability, taken from the colour of the earth around us, and is especially connected to autumn.

If you're trying to use a colour which will reflect your personality, you can't go wrong with brown rugs. They symbolise a very strong person, who is very orderly, and also dependable. Additionally, the colour brown is viewed as a sign of honesty in many cultures. The types of people attracted to shades of brown tend to be very supportive people, who have a keen sense of duty.

The beneficial aspects of brown are numerous, but include increasing stability, as well as reportedly encouraging friendliness and health, by making the body feel more wholesome. As well as this, brown is said to increase the urge towards orderliness and cleanliness.

Brown rugs for sale in the UK are seen as great additions to rooms to add a hint of nature, or for creating a safe haven where the worries of the outside world will disappear. Some shades of brown are seen to be rather stylish and elegant. It is worth remembering that there are different tones of brown, and finding the right one for you should be important.

Browns are made up of reds, blues and yellows. Red is quite a stimulating colour, blue is more calming, and yellow is good for focus. Therefore a brown rug would supply all of these elements in a more subtle manner and, overall, add a sense of warmth to any room.

Brown also helps other colours to blend together well, as most colours are complimented by brown. It can additionally work as a background colour which is unobtrusive when needed. And of course it is a great colour for a house with children or pets, as it does not show up dirt as clearly as lighter colours. The feel of a room is very important when any substantial time is to be spent there, and dark brown rugs are a great advantage in that respect. offers brown rugs in practically any size and style, so you'll be sure to find a brown rug that will suit your lifestyle.