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In the world of colour therapy, blue is considered a relaxing, calming colour, and as such it has been put to great use in the creation of all manner of furnishings, not least rugs. In themselves, rugs add a sense of cosy domesticity to a room, whether it is a living room, a bedroom, a dining area, or even a hallway (you can find kitchen rugs here). The visual appeal of the rug lies in its inviting softness, which is magnified when stepped on, especially with bare feet.

But when you add the power of the colour blue, you get an extremely calming, pleasant home interior furnishing. It can also be used to great effect with other blue furnishings in your home, or with differently coloured furnishings that compliment the blue, such as orange.

Check out our Lounge Selection range in blue.

The term blue rugs of course encompasses a wide range of different shades of blue. Some of these add more energy to a room, while others are better for creating a calming, soothing atmosphere where you get the opportunity to recharge. Duck egg blue rugs, for example, might be better for making a room feel brighter, since it reflects the light around the space better than a darker shade might. And with turquoise rugs, a room can seem even brighter, with an electrifying quality that arguably adds more energy to a room. These might be better suited to an area of your home where more action takes place, such as the dining area, where animated conversations might occur.

But while blue rugs can certainly be harnessed to create a sense of energy and dynamism, when it comes to blue rugs, UK customers tend to use them to help create a sense of calm and tranquillity; perfect for coming home to after a long day at work.

Even a small blue rug can have a big, if slightly unconscious, effect on the calmness level of a room. But if you choose to invest in a larger blue rug, you'll obviously increase the plane of colour seen by the room's occupants, and increase the energy they get from the rug. have long been leaders in the provision of not only blue rugs, but many different colours of rug. In addition to colour, also offer an exciting range of sizes and styles. So if you're seeking a small, cute rug for your bathroom, or whether you're looking for a large, soft rug for your living room, you are sure to find the perfect rug.

Rugs are one of the most cost effective ways to transform a living space, and one of the key components of that power is colour and design. In terms of manufacturing quality, you won't find better products than with; one that is sure to last many years, offering both you and your family members many years of pleasure.

Take some time to browse the selection of blue rugs from today, and discover the innumerable possibilities offered by the modern rug, whether you are seeking furnishings for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway or any other area of your home.