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Black rugs are synonymous with style. They work well in contemporary minimalistic homes, where they provide a valuable centrepiece and area of focus. Black is the chameleon of colours and goes with almost anything, stylishly offsetting white and red rooms in particular. Although black has a reputation as a masculine colour, ideal for bachelor pads, it's designer appeal and resistance to stains makes it a popular choice for modern family homes.

Black rugs can comprise of a single block colour, or combine with other shades to create maximum impact. Colour combination rugs such as black and white rugs, and red and black rugs, brilliantly offset each other, pulling in the eye of visitors and providing an interesting talking point.

Historically in ancient Egypt, black was associated with life and rebirth, but in more recent years it has been the colour linked with mourning, evil and magic. As always times are changing though, and over the last century black became the colour of style and elegance. You'll have heard the phrase "X is the new black", used on the basis that black is a colour which is always in fashion.

Black rugs have primarily been used in living rooms in the high pile variety, often in front of a feature fireplace. Generally black rugs are more popular in spacious minimalistic pads, as black makes things appear smaller, so you don't want to use one in a room that's small already.

It may surprise you to learn that black isn't actually a distinct colour; it's the appearance you get when all colours are absorbed into one. The psychological impacts of this are numerous as it demonstrates absolute clarity, sophistication and excellence. Black is also regarded as a protective colour by psychologists, as by it's very nature it absorbs all light energy.

Black can be oppressive if there's too much in an enclosed space. You don't want your room to feel menacing, so use it sparingly where it will make the maximum impact, with a fresh modern black rug for example.

Black creates a sense of density and heaviness, meaning a cheap lower pile black rug can take on the appearance of a heavy shag. Essentially meaning you can get more for your money, which is always a good thing.

Black rugs can add elegance and sophistication to your room. If you're looking for effortless glamour, team a white marble floor (or a convincing fake) with plush black sofa's and a black rug. It can create a statement without breaking the bank and ensure your room is bang on trend; black never goes out of style!

Black rugs are best used in open rooms with lots of light. You don't want your room to appear dingy, but in a well lit and spacious living room it can be the epitome of opulence. Black and white rugs in particular are great for making a statement, and add personality and edge to your home.

Whatever your needs, offers a wide selection of black rugs for sale, with a size and style to suit everyone. Check out our quality range online and find your perfect new rug today.