Have you had a Christmas spillage ?  Rug Merchant Online has the answer. 

As you may have noticed, Christmas is sadly over.  The tree is packed up, the chocolates all eaten and copious bottles of ruby red wine have all been well and truly quaffed . Well, perhaps not all.  A survey of your house has revealed that a cheeky glass or two of Shiraz has made its way onto your lovely light coloured carpet. Furthermore it looks like it’s there to stay; a permanent crimson  marker and the ghost of a lively Christmas Past.  Dammit !

Well there’s only one thing for it;  It has to go !  Out come the detergents, the wet wipes, the soapy water, the table salt, the tears, the  taboo language,  the blame and recriminations (after all YOU drink white wine so it certainly wasn’t you) followed by the hiring of the Vax and the desperate calls to professional carpet cleaners.  Finally, you have to face the fact that although you have got the worst off, that stubborn pink remaining  stain is now a permanent house guest.

 Do not fear. The answer is near and it is ‘simples’. 

Bung a rug on it.

Here at Rug Merchant we have the full spectrum of styles, textures and colours to choose from.  All our rugs are world class stain coverers and are guaranteed to mask everything from hastily slopped turkey gravy, to crude oil, chip fat or Bardolino 2014.

All you need to do is grab a tape measure and note down the length and breadth of your unsightly spillage then, choose a beautiful rug from our collection that boasts larger dimensions.   

‘I couldn’t believe how easy it was’ said Susan Harrison of Ellesmere Port on our Facebook feed. ‘I accidentally emptied an entire carafe of Chateaux Neuf Du Pape over my beige Axminster on Christmas Day. By New Year I had bought an Asiatic Carpet Diva Shaggy Rug from Rug Merchant Online and placed it over the offending mess. The stain has now miraculously vanished. I couldn’t be more pleased.’ 

Buying a rug is definitely the easiest and least time consuming way to deal with any unfortunate carpet blemish.  

The same goes for laminate flooring.  Let’s face it - we have all been there. Nine O Clock of a Friday night, fully revved Black and Decker Jigsaw in one hand,  single malt in the other, and mind firmly distracted by the comings and goings of Broadchurch on the TV.  Next thing you know, the whisky’s disappeared, the Jigsaw’s on the floor and there’s a nasty looking four inch gash in your Golden Oak laminate.


The remedy ?  Bung a rug on it of course  (with optional underlay)


So, whether it’s stains or  DIY disasters you wish to cover up -  we are here to help and no one need ever know.  Rug Merchant promises never to tell what horrors may lurk beneath their beautifully crafted surfaces.  Shhhhh!