Annoying, isn’t it?

When you’re unwinding of an evening and you’ve ‘starfished’ the sofa and, before you know it, your arm’s taken on the form of an octopus and knocked over your glass of red onto your lovely living room rug. How on earth do you get that Merlot stain out?

Of course, not all rug issues involve flailing limbs and alcohol. Pulls and other general damages are also problems that can reduce the effectiveness of a rug’s insulation and slip preventing capabilities, as well as generally making a rug look a bit rubbish.

Below we’ve listed a few common problems that may arise during a rug’s life time and how they can be best rectified:


Spilt liquid can often cause ‘bleeding.’ What can happen is that it can go through the rug and onto the mat material underneath. As this is normally made from cheaper materials and dyes, this could cause them to run throughout the rest of the rug. Relax, there is a simple resolution. Re-clean the area with a rug shampoo and allow to work in.


Stop! We can see you, tugging at that pull on your rug, so stop it! If a strand of yarn does annoyingly come lose from the weave of the rug, grab a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut it off. Yes, it is tempting to pull out the pull, so to speak. But in the long run trimming will reduce the likelihood of more pulls.


Like with pulls, burns from cigarettes or flying embers from a log fire should also be dealt with a pair of sharp scissors. Once you’ve trimmed it out, whack some detergent on it and give it a rinse.

Damage from Insects

Dust mites, moths, beetles. Even if you do love every one of Earth’s creatures, insects like this are annoying when it comes to our furniture. How can you keep them away from your rugs? Once a year spray them with a pesticide spray; simple.


Own up, how many of you have ever flapped a rug out of a door or window to give it a good airing? It’s ok, we’ve all done it! But did you know that by doing this it could break the yarn in a rug’s backing? Giving it a ruddy good beating will always be the best way to rid your rug of dust.


If you do spill wine (or any other liquid for that matter, we’re by no means suggesting that alcohol is the only beverage in your home!) onto a rug, shrinkage is inevitable. Liquid causes the weaves in rugs to, in essence, loosen and ultimately shrink. Unfortunately there is no real way of rectifying this, however it is believed by many that the overall quality of the rug actually improves over time. Where it is necessary, simply cut the mat underneath your rug down to size.

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