The Exclusive World of Designer Rugs. Rug Merchant talks you through some of the best rugs on the market.

Louis De Poortere - Modern/Vintage Rug Design

Everyone loves a label. Whether your preference is for Gucci, Gabana or Galliano there is nothing like wearing, or carrying,

something that speaks of quality, exclusivity and taste. Often we will save for ages to purchase an item in our favourite

brand. This brand will say a lot about us. Some may wish to emanate the cool sophisticated allure of Chanel; whilst

others prefer the drama and unique vision of McQueen or Westwood. We wear these items with pride and they become part

of our individual mission statements. The cost ? - not so much extravagance as an investment.

The world of home furnishing also has its market leaders. It has its top designers of quality items, trend setters and

designer labels. One such manufacturer of Rug ‘couture’ is the Dutch brand Louis De Poortere.

Even in the Middle Ages, Flemish textile products had an excellent reputation throughout Europe. Everyone envied the talent

of the Flemish weavers for they had no equal when it came to combining beauty and quality. Louis De Poortere has been

established in Kortrijk since 1859 an enviable longevity in the business world and clients can be reassured by their solid

experience and continued success.

Their style is very much the modern vintage look. It successfully marries the history and tradition of Oriental or rustic

patchwork design with a bold modern colour scheme. Such an innovative approach allows a client to make two statements

at once and creates visual cohesion in a room which might have a combination of modern and vintage ‘shabby chic’

furniture. The bold colour pops are also an excellent way of enlivening a room that may be painted in the beautiful but subtle

pastels of the Annie Sloane range of paints.

With a Designer Rug you are getting a beautiful quality item. The advantage that is has over your tissue bound and boxed

Prada shoes, or your Dolce and Gabana bag, is that you get to look at it, use it, and show it off to others, not just on special

occasions - but every day! Check the main website for the full listing of all our rugs in the Louis De Poortere range

and also look for us on Pinterest.