Mavis Davis’  Top Tips for Rug Care.

This week – How to protect yourself against slippy rugs.

Slipping on a rug and breaking your arm in three places can be a right annoyance.   For that reason it’s best avoided. At Rug Merchant we are keen that no one sustains injuries of any kind when operating one of our rugs.   Particularly when drunk.   As we all know - It is a truth universally acknowledged that rugs placed upon the floor should stay put.  They should not travel west the minute we place our foot down.  They should certainly not cause us to lurch forwards and head-butt the radiator.

Slippy rugs are a health hazard, particularly when they are parked on top of a newly polished floor.  Many of us now are completely laminated throughout and get a great deal of pleasure from bees-waxing our boards.  Some of us are rather keen and polish away to the point where we can see our face in the floor.  If this is the case for you, you need to think hard and long about how not to turn your rug into a flying carpet.

One method of staying safe and avoiding an unnecessary trip to Accident and Emergency is to pop down to B&Q and buy a roll of 2” wide gaffa tape, in black.  This should then be used to secure all four edges of your rug to the floor.     If you are of a particularly nervous disposition  you could also try cross hatching the tape across the body of the rug too, for extra piece of mind.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking  ‘Hey ! That’s not going to look good.’  You’re worried that using thick black tape to draw Mickey Mouse lines round the edges of your floor furniture is undecorative and bad Feng Shui.  Well, let me ask you this - what is more conducive to your health and well being: Having all your dining chairs pointing in the direction of your south facing window?  Or ensuring that you can’t smash your brains out on your strategically placed rug ?

If this solution is really not for you – then fear not – there are other options. Sylvia Morris from Guilden Sutton inboxed us the other day to share a tip  ‘I am particularly prone’ says she ‘ to tripping over the edges of my Falkland Flatweave - particularly when I’ve had two distalgesics and a gin.  After the last unfortunate incident which resulted in fourteen stitches and a smashed teapot, I have solved the situation.  After I got back from the Walk In, I promptly rolled up all my rugs and put them under the stairs.  Since then I have had no more accidents.  I am so grateful that I have had this  ‘Road to Damascus’ insight and can get on with my life. Stitches come out next Friday.’

Thanks Sylvia for that. Other solutions worth considering are, of course, checking out our range of antislip rugs in a variety of styles, colours and textures or making a purchase of antislip rug underlay with your rug. Check the menu bar for the link.

Until next time folks X