In December we posted an article arguing why we think wool is like the Swiss Army knife of materials when it comes to choosing your next rug. If you missed it, click here to glance through.

Before we begin, let’s just consider one thing; we wrote that article about wool, a thick material associated with knitted jumpers and warmth, in December. That’s right, in the height of winter! It seems mad, then, that we’re even thinking about wool at all heading into April/Spring/Easter, but that appears to be something that even meteorological stalwart Michael Fish is still scratching his head about as he’s been looking out of his window over the last few weeks.

Nevertheless, we must come to terms with the fact that even though, this time last year, we were sat in gardens wearing shorts and sunglasses and slapping on the Piz Buin, Easter 2013 is likely to be spent at home, in front of the fire and in several layers of clothing. And, if you consider that you’ll be using your boilers and heating for longer than you anticipated this year, keeping warm will come at a price.

So, whilst you may be looking to purchase a rug that can add a touch of style to your floors this spring and summer, thanks to the predictably unpredictable British weather you may also need to get a wintery one in, too.

This brings us back to wool. In our previous post, we discussed how wool gives you that natural and authentic look and feel that any artificial alternative could ever deliver. It’s true, those thick strands are a sign of pure quality and wool is also completely recyclable, as well as being highly durable and extremely long lasting.

And that thickness has other benefits, too. wool can create real warmth which is ideal in cold temperatures like the ones that we’re currently experiencing (what are the chances that the UK will probably still have a hosepipe ban in a month’s time, by the way?). Consequently, wool can become a real heat trap and can help to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption. Ok, so it’s unlikely to save you enough money to be able to go abroad in search of ‘normal’ weather, but it is certainly something to consider as part of your wider energy saving measures.

That’s why we believe our various wool collections could be worth a look. From our Grovesnor Collection that offers a range of contemporary, modern products, to our Lotus Premium rugs that display more traditional designs, we’ve got wool products that can help keep you warm until our weather becomes more ‘balmy’ and less ‘barmy’.

At least our Easter Eggs won’t melt this year...