The bare tree branches of winter are starting to look a tad more colourful, the sky no longer resembles the Black Hole of Calcutta by 5pm and the rolling slopes of the British countryside are awash with sheep tending to their lambs.

That’s right, spring time is upon us. The changing of the seasons always brings with it new possibilities and, in the case of spring, the knowledge that we are edging ever closer to summer. And this is the time of the year where many of us will raid our arsenal of cleaning products, don a pair of Marigold’s and give our homes a much needed spring clean.

Ok, so that Good Housekeeping 1970’s image of spring cleaning with a duster and a pinny might be a little outdated. Plus, it’s not like we’ve let our homes develop into an environment that the set producers of Tenko would be proud of, is it? Nevertheless, many of us still take this opportunity to give our homes a little TLC.

And if you are thinking about giving your kingdom a little sprucing up, you may also be thinking about redecorating or making subtle changes to your decor. Those long summer nights are just around the corner and you’ll no longer need those winter features to create a warm and cosy feeling when you’re relaxing of an evening.

At, you’re sure to find the perfect rug for your home. Any change in decor can be complimented with a stunning rug and we’re confident that we’ve got the product you’re looking for, no matter where in your home you want to make changes. That’s why we’ve got some ideas for each room of your home:

Living Room

Not only is this the place where you spend most of your time, but it’s also the place that you’re guests and visitors will likely spend most of their time in your home, too. Therefore, choosing the perfect rug for this room is vital. For this it really depends on your existing colour scheme. If you’re living room is already alive with big, bold colours, a rug with simple tones and patterns can offset this perfectly (such as our cream Balotelli). However, if your decor mainly consists of neutral shades, a big statement rug can really bring your room to life and make for a great conversation piece; how about our Retro Line Pop Art inspiration?

Dining Room

In terms of shape, this will all depend on your furniture layout. Round rugs will suit a round table, rectangular ones for rectangular tables and so on. However, in terms of colour and design, this should be fairly straight forward, particularly if your dining room is rich in wood furniture. Using the tone of this wood can give you great ideas for the mood that you want to create. So how about something like our Agra Twist Gold to create a luxurious feel at meal times? However, as long as your rug’s colour doesn’t clash with the tone of your wood furniture, it’s pretty much free rein in this area of your home!


Rugs in the kitchen aren’t for everyone. Adding the right one here is also entirely dependent on your taste and the current aesthetics of your kitchen. However, we strongly recommend a rug with an underlay, given that this will be an environment with significant footfall, not to mention the hazards of boiling water and sharp objects. All of our Kitchen Rugs can have underlay added to them for extra sureness under foot.


Our Runners section should have something for you to create that perfect effect for welcoming guests. A stunning piece of floor art running along your hall or up your staircase can create an immediate impression with your guests and can send out a big statement.


Like the kitchen, a rug in the bathroom won’t be something sought after by all. However, many enjoy the warmth a rug can bring to their feet in the morning on a cold stone or tiled bathroom floor. Plus, a rug in the bathroom really can look as creative and different as you like. This is a room where you might bathe after a long day and so having a rug which can help you to relax and unwind is important. We do have some rugs in our Washable collection that would make the perfect addition to most bathrooms. All that is important to remember for this room is to choose a rug that’s thick and durable to soak up moisture.


Unlike most of the other rooms in your home, the bedroom is yours and yours only. And there really is nothing better in the morning, even in the summer, when you’re waking up, with your feet a bit chilly, then to sink them into a soft, warm, shaggy rug when you rise. They’ve really come back into fashion in recent years and many are adding them to bedrooms for the sensuality and warmth that they can bring. The products in our Dumroo collection has rugs made from sumptuous materials and would be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

If you like any of our ideas, or you’ve got some great ones of your own, we’d love to hear them!

Spring a surprise in your home this season with a new rug.